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At Amici, we take strong pride in our use of professional, quality styling products and ability to create the most outstanding and modern hair styles that last the entire day…

Introducing Kenra Platinum Shampoos and Conditioners - the first cleansing and moisturizing systems exclusively formulated with 2-Part Color Lock technology - the only technology that provides both internal and external protection, maximizing color retention and extending the life of your color treated hair.

Kenra Platinum is different from other color protective products on the market. Most shampoos, including those designed for color care, contain sulfates, which can strip hair color and leave it dry. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the primary ingredient in most shampoos, and daily use of this harsh cleanser threatens the longevity of your hair color. For this reason, Kenra Platinum shampoos are sulfate-free. The gentle formulas cleanse hair with luxurious lather and deliver softness, body and shine. Combined with Kenra Platinum botanically enriched conditioners, hair that has been interrupted by the color treating process will be replenished, repaired, easily detangled and able to retain the precious color you worked so hard to put in.

Now it’s easier than ever to achieve simply stunning haircolor results, thanks to the new Kenra Color™ haircolor brand by Kenra Professional®. This straightforward, easy-to-use, high-performance haircolor produces consistent, reliable results that stylists can count on to provide professional, true-to-tone haircolor solutions for every client, every time.

Kenra Color is a complete professional haircolor brand that is uniquely Kenra®. Kenra Color incorporates Balancing Complex 5™, a proprietary formulation designed to provide vibrant, long-lasting color, outstanding gray coverage and color saturation; intense shine; improved condition and manageability, all through a gentle formulation. To ensure a straightforward, easy-to-use haircolor for stylists, both permanent and demi-permanent formulas have a balanced shade collection of warm and cool tones and common level system.

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